RBI Compliant Video KYC (VCIP) with AI

RBI guidelines has allowed financial institutions in India to onboard and verify users digitally without any physical documentation using video based KYC (Know your customer). How inVOID's product will help you follow the guidelines

This move by RBI will permit financial institutions especially fintechs and mobile wallets to dynamically scale at lesser costs eliminating any manual procedures or requirement of physical presence.
  • Customer initiates the KYC Process on the web
  • Live Video conversation is initiated With employee of company
  • Anti spoofing, AI based assistance to official
  • Ensuring correct documents are submitted & the quality of the Verification process is premium
  • Real-time extraction of details from PAN and matching with official databases
  • Encrypted Video conferencing & recording.
  • Most accurate Aadhaar Masking
  • Role based backend assitance for Officials and Admins to ensure seamless concurrent audits.

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