API Integration

The fastest in the market, exclusively for you.

  • Seamless integration
  • Platform-independent
  • Remote Config

Manual verification requires you to hire a whole room-full of employees for authenticating IDs, taking biometric data, and making sure that your company remains safe from identity fraud. Just a single verification check can take up to 2 days, or even more.... Even then, manual verification always carries the risk of being cheated through. What if we told you that you could complete the verification process in under a minute, without having to pay endless employees for verification, and still make sure that you remain a hundred percent safe from security breaches? inVOID’s dedicated servers provide you instant API integration, making sure you have access to all required data in a flash.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We read more than your most hardworking librarian!

  • Market leading OCR for national ID cards
  • Identifies labels, carries out cross-checks from standard formats
  • Identifies forged ID cards
  • Identifies unclear and tampered text
  • Auto-fills forms in seconds

“Is that a 3, or an 8? Is that an “l”, or a capitalized “i”? The application says Suresh, but the database has the same details under the name Sumesh- what do I do now?” - every manual verification employee ever! ... People responsible for manually verifying applications and filling in forms have a hard job to perform. The space for errors is large despite the best efforts, simply because the human eye is not the best document scanner! Not only does inVOID have access to government databases for making verification processes foolproof, but our OCR technology extracts text from all kinds of documents by intelligently eliminating obstacles.


AI Powered

Depend upon brains that know everything and can do everything. Brains that we created.

  • Highly accurate facial recognition and liveness checks
  • Fastest API response rate at under 4 seconds
  • Real-time consistency check and face match across 4 documents
  • Fastest API integration in the market at under 3 hours
  • Instant results on personalised dashboard

Every company looks for an ideal employee with qualities like diligence, complete control over any possibilities of error, as well as getting done with work in a significantly lesser time than even the deadline demands. inVOID takes away ... that kind of pressure from the average employee who might as well be taking care of more important work than verification. inVOID’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled software is smart enough to recognise even the most minute glitches in the system. So, when our AI+ML takes care of your authentication needs, you can rest assured with our promise of utmost accuracy. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging while we do the work. inVOID gives you complete verification results for your customer’s application in a matter of seconds!