Take a photo of the ID

No glitches, no hassles, and accessible from even the simplest smartphone. In one look, inVOID knows whether the ID is authentic or not.

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This is not a drill: now, take a selfie

Who knew biometric verification might as well be fun for some customers? This is where inVOID’s AI-integrated facial recognition kicks in.

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Viola! Your form is ready !

Easy, peasy, text squeezy? The text extracted from the ID is verified with official databases in real time, and then is auto-filled on to the information form for the customer’s convenience.

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And one final step to make it foolproof.

inVOID believes in providing layered protection against fraudsters. To make sure that there is actually a live person undertaking the verification process, we ask them to perform certain easy gestures.

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inVOID’s Dashboard, Exclusively For You

Fulfill all your authentication needs through a single page.

With the Dashboard feature, InVoid makes sure that the authentication process remains accessible and transparent to your business at each and every step. The Dashboard enables you to access results of all customers who undertake this verification process through a single portal.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Dashboard