Banking, finance, insurance

When it comes to identity theft and instances of fraud, there is no industry as vulnerable as banking, finance, and insurance sectors. Identity verification is required at every step of the way, and official databases need to be cross-checked regularly even when a customer has been onboarded. This process demands a huge task-force and endless paperwork. With InVoid’s services, these sectors hold the potential for being completely transformed by introducing the possibility of remote onboarding and verification. The possibilities InVoid can open up for banking, finance, and insurance sectors are endless.

  • Verify loan applications without the paperwork
  • Complete customer verification remotely
  • Avoid identity theft with e-KYC biometrics, facial recognition and liveness checks
  • Ensure that the right person is availing insurance benefits
  • Link payment wallets with your bank without going to a KYC store
  • Enable demat account openings
  • Verify identity before transferring hefty amounts


Shared Economy

The concept of owning goods that you may or may not need on a regular basis is a thing of the past. Shared economies, in relatively simple terms, allow individuals to borrow services or items from other individuals or companies who own them. While this has become one of the most convenient practises for modern times, it also poses significant dangers to the user, the owner, as well as the mediator, if there is one. inVOID provides solutions that ensure your safety beyond financial capacities, while also making sure you’re receiving quality services.

  • Secure ridesharing apps from mishaps and criminal activities
  • Foolproof peer-to-peer lending exchanges and keep long-term customers
  • Rental companies can avoid damage to items by lending to quality customers
  • Avoid large-scale fraud in B2B transactions

Mobile Apps

Almost every transactional operation that took place in person before is now fulfilled by an endlessly increasing hoard of service-based apps. Therefore, as more and more people jump on to using apps instead of making transactions in person, the risk of identity fraud and no-shows is increasing at an unprecedented rate. While most mobile apps have run on actively attracting a massive user-base, the lack of verification has led to more losses than profits. With InVoid’s minute-long verification, you can secure your business while also keeping genuine customers on board.

  • Secure e-wallets from criminal activities and exchanges
  • Protect failed or fraud deliveries on food delivery apps
  • Keep criminals and fake profiles away from dating apps
  • Make your streaming app user-base scaleable


Gone are the days when your customer had to fill those long, tedious, but important forms, and leave you with endless paperwork to authenticate in order to finally bring them on board your network. The telecommerce industry has adapted to digital solutions more quickly than most industries out there, but still lags behind when it comes to digitally verifying consumers. With InVoid, your business can soar into an absolute giant with the sheer potential it holds! Onboard customers by cutting your costs exponentially and your paperwork likewise, and have an endless inflow of tension-free customers.

  • Reduce drop-off during verification process
  • Reach remote user bases
  • Verify fraudulent identity
  • Make the customer’s in-store experience easier

Visitor and Employee Management

Wouldn’t it be much easier to run a company if you knew that you knew everyone who entered and left its premises? And no, not just on a camera, where it’s always easy for someone to make an escape, or never be identified. InVoid does not only offer an innovative solution to visitor management, but also makes employee management easier. It’s always much better to know that you’re not bringing a fraudster employee onboard. Moreover, even when you do have someone legitimate in your company, inVOID makes data management as easy as a breeze.

  • Make employee attendance easy with biometrics
  • Protect failed or fraud deliveries on food delivery apps
  • Make sure only genuine people enter and leave the building premises
  • Leave behind lengthy HR manual paperwork
  • Protect specific sections of your company premises
  • Keep things flexible with multiple government IDs as options


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